Bluehost Web Hosting Complete Review with Specs And Features

Bluehost Web Hosting Review – Those who are thinking about starting an online business should think about the types of web host to choose, and Bluehost web hosting will be one of the best options that they can make. It’s true that there are tons of other reliable web host services out there, but you should focus on performance, quality, and service if you want to get the most satisfying outcome. There are positive reasons why this web host service is included in the ‘best web hosting’ list so, let’s run them one by one.

bluehost web hosting review

The Basic Foundation and Facts

Keep in mind that there is no such a thing as 100% perfect web host service. Some of the best services have their own flaws and downsides, and you may find some with Bluehost web hosting. But then again, it is about finding the service that meets your demands and requirements. It just so happen that Bluehost is packed with myriads of features and services, which can be useful for clients in running their web. There are also different positive elements that can help users in managing their sites. In short, when it comes to the professional service with (almost) 100% satisfaction, this service will be your best option.

Quality Service

If you want to entrust your online activities or business to a web hosting service, choosing this web host provider will be one of the wisest moves you will ever do. It is a big company, owned and managed by Endurance International. Feel free to do a research about them – they are running on a global scale and they are one of the biggest web host companies. When it comes to brand recognition, you don’t have to worry about a thing because this company has established a good (and solid) name for their own.

Being one of the biggest names in the industry has allowed Bluehost to cover important areas and sections effectively. For a starter, they DO have the important and crucial resources – which you may not find on small hosting services. You can expect them having the best customer service, the best executive groups or teams, the best engineers, the best IT experts, and so much more. Do they have the capital and budgets to make sure that their operational expenses will be covered? Absolutely. They have the financial resources to maintain (and invest in) the servers and networks. After all, this is one of the best perks of being the well-known brand.

Moreover, big companies like Bluehost web hosting would want to focus on performance and service instead of financial revenue. For them, service score, customers’ satisfaction, or quality of performance are more important than the financial revenue. This kind of company believes that the revenue will come on its own once people have gained a better (and positive) acknowledgment of the quality service. That’s why they would focus more on service instead of company’s profit.

And such a company would pay attention to the quality service. Unlike smaller providers that may be created overnight, but then disappears in another overnight, you won’t find such a problem with Bluehost. If you have a problem with your web host service, simply contact the customer support – which is one of the best because of the fast response and impressive quality. They won’t suddenly disappear one night, claiming to be bankrupt. The resources are managed and used to maintain their service. If you are looking for stability and reliability, this is a place to go to. As it was mentioned earlier, having a name and brand recognition does have its perks – for both the company and the clients.

Cloud Hosting

We live in the modern era depending so much on technology. Cloud system and hosting are no longer new – we depend on such a system to make sure that all of the data, information, and files are kept (and managed) in a professional and secured manner. So, what does Bluehost offer for their cloud system? First of all, the resources will be shared within several servers, so you can expect fast and speedy operation. You can also make use of the system in its real time manner without having to deal with the physical server limitation.

Unfortunately, the cloud service from Bluehost web hosting is only available for Linux platform – there isn’t any support for Windows. Sure, the hosting plan is quite impressive but the limitation is certainly a put off for Windows users.

Price and Package

There are several plans for this service. Your options will include:

  • The Basic package, which is the basic one, starts from around $3 a month. With that much money, you already get 1 site, 50GB of space, 1 included domain, 5 parked domains, 25 subdomains, 5 email accounts, and 100MB for every email account.
  • The Plus package, which is the higher option from the Basic. It starts from around $6 a month, covering unlimited site, unlimited space, unlimited domain (including the subdomains), unlimited email accounts, and unlimited space for every email account.
  • The Business Pro package, which is the premium service. It starts from around $6 a month, with unlimited site, unlimited space, unlimited domain (including the subdomains), unlimited email accounts, and unlimited space for every email account. For the additional service, it includes $200 marketing offer, 1 spam expert, 1 domain privacy, and CodeGuard Basic as the backup site. This is the kind of service that most business owners choose to make sure that their website will up and run smoothly without any delay or problem.
bluehost web hosting reviews
Bluehost Web Hosting Review

Creation Feature

One of the things to like about this provider is the many features – features that are designed and made to help users manage their operation without hassle or confusion. If you are thinking about choosing a web host service, you should think about the site building features. It would be great if the host provider is able to provide extra services, such as managing site statistics collection, domain, email, filtering spam, and so much more.

If you are thinking about building a site, you can use Weebly or WordPress. Uploading files can be done quite fast and effectively. Unfortunately, Bluehost web hosting uses tons of add-ons – and yes, you will have to buy or have them all if you want to use the service. In fact, most of the operations and uses with Bluehost is using the add-ons. They claim that the add-ons will improve the operation and use but such a thing can be a hassle for those who don’t really want to add and install the additional programs.

As it was mentioned before, the host works perfectly with Weebly. If you use Weebly’s free service, you can still enjoy the tons of impressive features, such as creating contact forms, drag and drop slideshows, manage social media links, and such things alike. With the free functionality, you are able to make 6 pages and have custom HTML. But in the event that you don’t mind spending around $9 a month, you can choose the Professional package which will give you more flexibilities and easiness.

E-Commerce Platform

If you are thinking about having an online business, you need to integrate the e-commerce apps with your web host, and it is crucial to pick one that can work both ways – the web host should work just fine with the apps and vice versa. So far, Bluehost gains positive reviews when it comes to the integration with other apps.

For a starter, you can integrate Bluehost web hosting with DaDa Mail, which is an e-mail marketing tool. You can also integrate it with ShopSite, TransFirst, and Magento. Each of the app is responsible for the shopping cart, e-commerce management, and payment. This is an important feature if you want to have a smooth and running online shop or business. The management is easy and fast – you will definitely save tons of time. Another cool thing about this service is that it supports MySQL and PostgreSQL – giving you a wider option and a more flexible arrangement.

Security Arrangement and Check

One of the most important considerations about choosing a web hosting service is the security feature. And it is quite interesting how Bluehost implements solid security arrangement. For a starter, they have 3 antispam tools, such as Spam Hammer, Spam Experts, and Spam Assassins. As if it weren’t enough, they also include hotlink protection so it’s like having layers of layers of protection. You will be pampered with tons of features, such as private keys, IP address blacklist (yes, you will be able to create it), digital certificates, email account filters (along with the user filter), and also password protection directory.

Another cool feature about the service is the CloudFlare, which will help you with security and performance in general. Not many web host services have this kind of feature, so having one that does provide one is definitely nice. If you are still hesitant on the security perimeter, you can check users’ reviews from many resources. You will see that most of them have positive reviews when it comes to the site’s performance and ability.

Other Interesting Features

Those aren’t just the perks offered by Bluehost web hosting because there are still more to expect. Site’s uptime, for instance, is crucial in the web host operation. Without it, you will lose potential clients or customers because they won’t be able to find you. The uptime should be one of the most important things to consider in choosing a web host service.

And you know what? It turns out that Bluehost has one of the most stable uptime performance. The service will ping each site for once every 15 minutes. If they are unable to contact a site, they will send you an email stating the problem. Quite a nice performance, right? And most users claim that they are pretty satisfied with the performance. In most cases, the site can run smoothly without any issue. It doesn’t go down within 2 or 3 weeks non-stop, so you have to admit that it is pretty impressive.

Besides the stable uptime, what else can you expect from Bluehost web hosting?

  • It has a stable customer service. There is a non-stop service which is accessible 24/7 and it covers ticket based management, online chat, and phone support. The representatives are well aware of their products and they are knowledgeable of the field. They are able to provide satisfying answers, responses, and also guide. The entire experience is super nice and satisfying.
  • It has a money back guarantee, which lasts for30 days. It is the standard service, when compared to other services that can offer up to 90 days of money back guarantee. But in the overall sense, it is pretty nice because you won’t lose anything in case Bluehost doesn’t work out for you. If you still have doubts about the service, it doesn’t hurt to give it a go. This money back promise can help you with your refund is the service turns out to be disappointing.
  • It provides you with education opportunity. When you are trying to set up your online business, and you are quite new to this, choosing this provider can give you a learning chance to get everything done and managed. They have easy user interface – you should be able to figure out things soon. In the overall outcome, consulting this provider is a good chance to learn deeper about the hosting service – and you can be sure that it is going to be a worthy experience.

Final Verdict

Deciding on which web host service to confide in may not be easy as there are tons of different providers out there and narrowing down your option can be downright complicated. However, if you know what you want from a service and you can be very specific about your needs, you should be able to find the right provider. Bluehost may not be 100% perfect but it has been one of the best providers so far. If you are looking for a professional service that is able to cater most of your needs, consulting Bluehost web hosting can be your best option.