GoDaddy Web Hosting, Is It Worthy Your Money and Time?

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You can find GoDaddy web hosting service reviews in various sources, especially from the web. After all, the company has been around for a while and its service has been compared with some of the best and world-class companies in the business. GoDaddy has to compete with some of the strongest players in the industry so it is only logical if they are trying to deliver the best. So, what can you expect from this company? How is their performance? What are users saying about them? If you want to make a wiser decision, you need to dwell further into the company’s facts. Only by making a dedicated and education research, you can make the right option and decision.

About GoDaddy in General

When we are talking about GoDaddy web hosting, we are talking about one of the biggest companies in the world, running in the web service sector. The company started the business as the domain registrar but they then provide a complete service, such as website builder and web hosting coverage. They also cover the area of digital storage, email service, and even online security. They want people (and especially clients) to view them as the one stop service for the online industry.

When it comes to development and market reach, the company has been quite active in doing their own development. They make sure that they reach wider market and they provide the needed features – features that required and wanted by the customers. You probably have seen the company’s commercials, including the Super Bowls, and the entire internet. You have to admit that they are doing quite a good work with brand recognition. And when it comes to their product, such as the WordPress feature, the company has done quite an impressive work. Not only they are pushing themselves to provide newest features and services, they are expanding and introducing themselves. While improving their own service, they are trying to reach wider, further, and higher.

Of course, the company isn’t perfect. Can they deliver 100% perfect and flawless operation? Not necessarily – you can still find several downsides and flaws about the company. But aren’t all products like this? It is rare to find a perfect product – so most people are satisfied with more than 95% good performance and satisfying outcome. The same thing also applies to this company, so what can you learn about them?

godaddy best web hosting
Godaddy Best Web Hosting

The Price

One of the things to like about GoDaddy web hosting is the price. Everyone is always looking for the cheaper option but with quality performance. People don’t mind spending extra if it means that they can get flawless outcome and (almost) perfect performance. There are different packages and plans, and the starting price for renewal is around $8 to around $15 per month. But then again, the company likes to have promotions and also sales, so you can be sure that you can get attractive discounts and other offers. You don’t have to seal the deal with long years either – you can make a contract for a year. If you are lucky, you can get $1 cost per month. Such a bargain, right?

It’s true that the company didn’t start out as the web host provider, but they make sure that they are using their capital, resources, and also market presence to deliver the best – as well as cut off prices. If you are looking for a combination of cheap service for a short term without compromising quality, you are looking at one of the best options.

WordPress Features

You need to differentiate the services for regular (and common) web host and WordPress host. In the regular web host service, it focuses on the price per visit. In the WordPress host service, on the other hand, it focuses on the price per features. Basically, you are spending the money on the results instead of features. You won’t be looking at databases, memory, or such thing alike – but you will be looking as visitors (and their numbers) promised by the company.

How does this feature beneficial for you? Well, it depends on your needs and requirements, really. If you pay attention too much on the features, you are basically overpaying it. But then again, not everyone knows how to make use of the features at the beginning, especially if they are new to this. They simply want to have a site that is able to up and running immediately. They don’t really care about the features. So, it depends on your personal approach on how you want to view the service coverage provided by GoDaddy web hosting. It is safe to say that the company has managed to cover the necessary aspects, such as staging areas and SFTP. They also provide specific support for the WordPress. Not itsn’t something super impressive, really, but it shows how they take care of the crucial features.

Use and Backend

The company has a great focus and care for their users. They understand that not all of their clients are tech savvy – some of them are even quite new to this. Everyone knows that running a new website isn’t easy, especially for a beginner. Many people have underestimated the burden and difficulty of running the website – and many of them don’t understand that such a task can lead to its own stress.

However, if you consult GoDaddy, your burden is made easier. The company provides usability, on boarding features, and also backend design. Within the last decade, they have improved their features. Users should be able to operate everything in a straightforward and direct manner to buy, shop, and move forward with the site. The WordPress product, for instance, provides its own installation and setup. Everything is made simple – not too technical or complicated. This is definitely a gesture that is appreciated by many clients and website owners.

Will you be helped with all of the features? Yes, you will. Will you find the entire features and service flexible with focused functionality? Yes, you will. If you are looking for easiness and simplicity, then you have come to the right place.

Other Functional and Handy Benefits

There are still tons of benefits that you can expect from the company, such as:

  • Great product integration. Not all users want to have a provider that offers everything. Some users like the idea that they can integrate different services because it offers diversification. But then again, isn’t it nice if you can find different kinds of services from one provider? It is somewhat convenient and efficient – you don’t need to go elsewhere and you definitely don’t need to shop to other places. This is what GoDaddy does – they provide hosting, email, and domain name integration and most of them work perfectly. The domains are inexpensive. The email is direct. Not to mention that they also provide accounting and bookkeeping service too. Try it – you should see how effective it is for your needs.
  • Great resources. Even the big companies are vulnerable to attacks because it is easier to target them. But then again, a big company like GoDaddy has plenty of resources that can be beneficial for them to deal with this matter. Not only they are able to fight off spam and hackers, but they also have their own policies that will keep those attacks at bay. It doesn’t mean that the company is 100% secured – but you need to address their attempts to deal with the hack and attacks.
  • Nice support. One of the biggest perks about having a service from a known company is their support – after all, they have the resources to make it come true. In the past, the company might be known for their negative support but things have changed these days. After all, the company is trying so hard to improve themselves and it includes the customer support performance. Since the company has a new CEO and new direction, things have been managed differently. Does it include better support? Yes, it is applicable for 24/7 via the phone.
godaddy web hosting review
Godaddy Web Hosting Review

The Available Prices

When you want to choose a web host service, it is only natural that you look at the pricing options. After all, price is one crucial factor that determines the decision to choose a service. In GoDaddy web hosting, there are 3 different options available.

  • Basic Plan, which is suitable for blogs or personal websites. The price starts from around $4 a month, and after the renewal, the price will be $8 per month. For this plan, you can get one website, 10GB of storage, sFTP, and also 25,000 monthly visit.
  • Deluxe Plan, which is perfect if you want a website with SEO built-in features and you want to have more visitors. The starting price is around $5 per month, and you will have to pay $10 a month after the renewal. For this plan, you can get one website, 15GB of storage, 100,000 monthly visitors, sFTP or SSH access, testing staging site, and also wizard for search engine visibility.
  • Ultimate Plan. This is ideal if you want more storage, better security, and more websites. The price starts from around $8 per month and you will have to pay around $15 per month after the renewal. For this plan, you can get 2 websites, 20GB of storage, 400,000 monthly visitors, sFTP or SSH access, and testing staging site. You can also get the wizard for search engine visibility, malware repair and scan, and also SSL certificate (for free) for a year.

Some of the Downsides

If you take a look at the plan options and what features you can get from them, you will see that the coverage is actually limited. Sure, you may be able to get the cheapest rate with the initial discounts and everything, but you are actually getting a little from the company – especially if you compare them to the other web host providers. The other providers can give you more although you will have to spend extra. But in the longer term, you can actually get the cheaper offer from those other providers because you get what you are paying for. In the overall term, you may be able to get the cheap offer from this company but the overall value is pretty limited and poor.

If features are such big deals for you, then you may not like GoDaddy at all. When compared to other web host providers, they do implement tight limitations on the features – which can be bad for business. I mean, what good does it make if they make all of those developments but restrict the usages from their paying customers? If they maintain this policy, many of their clients can run off and find other providers with a more logical offer (and also advantage). But then again, different people have different opinions and it is possible that some people are actually okay with the coverage offered by GoDaddy web hosting.

The Overall Verdict

In the end, you need to look at the basic features and ideas of the company before making any decision. If you are looking for a company (and their services) that can offer more than just the web host service, then GoDaddy will be your best pick. It is inexpensive. It is easy to implement and operate. It offers various coverage and services. Moreover, if you are only looking for the basic service without any advanced features, this company will deliver all of the best services.

However, if you are looking for a company that focuses more than just the WordPress hosting, and you are also looking for the provider with sophisticated and advanced features, then you should be looking elsewhere. The provided plan and service from this company may not suit your needs.

Again, everything is down to your personal preference and option. It depends on your needs. The best thing that you can do is to make a careful observation, a thorough research, and a detailed planning. Don’t rush things or you will end up regretting everything. Now that you already know what to expect from GoDaddy web hosting, you can start making your own list.