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iPage Web Hosting Review – Have you ever heard about iPage web hosting service before? If you haven’t, you should because this is a company that is managed by EIG (Endurance International Group) which happens to also manage other companies like Justhost, StartLogic, Bluehost, VPSLink, HostMonster, FatCow, and many others. Some people claim to know the brand because of their inexpensive price – which is definitely a huge deal for clients. However, again, you should be wondering whether low price is the best outcome that you want to have, considering that we are dealing with the technology. Well, inexpensive rate is generally related to lousy or cheesy service. So, what can you expect from this company and their service? What is the basic foundation and also ideas of the company?

ipage web hosting review
iPage Web Hosting Review

About iPage in General

There are some of the oldest web hosting providers in the world (still running and operating up to now). One of them is iPage web hosting, which was set up in 1998 by Thomas Gorny but then acquired by EIG in 2010. As you can see, the company has been in the industry for 20 years, which is basically an impressive fact. This is an industry that is difficult to handle and manage, so having 20 years of experience says a lot about the quality and performance of the company. The company now has 2 major data centers in America with 6 different offices scattered around the world. They are now responsible for managing one million sites. It seems that they are pretty active and running, anyway.

Don’t be discouraged by the brand EIG, anyhow. Some people claim that all of the companies managed by the brand mostly show inconsistency in their performance. Sure, they may be big in names and brand, but they are also inconsistent and unstable when it comes to delivering nice performance. In reality, their performance will range in between poor and average despite their claims. But then again, don’t open your mind just yet for iPage because who knows? Maybe this is the service that you want. Maybe this is a company that will prove that EIG isn’t only about inconsistent outcome.

The Inexpensive Rate

It is a good thing that some people have tried and tested the company’s performance by consulting their service and monitoring the running of the management. Of course, they are looking at some of the most important elements such as speed and uptime. If you want to set up a business, these are some of the most crucial factors to choose. And one of the things they like about iPage web hosting is the inexpensive rate – which is literally one of the lowest rates in the industry. The price comes from around $2 per month. The great news is that users are given the options to manage a contract for long term period (such as 24 or 36 months) as well as the shorter one, although the shortest contract will last for around 12 months. And even when you choose the shortest period, you can still enjoy the inexpensive rate starting from $2! Yes, the price won’t be affected by how long you manage your contract. This is definitely a good thing because now you don’t have to lock agreements for 2 or 3 years. This scheme offers you better deal and more flexible web host arrangement.

Reliable Customer Support

You, as well as other people, may be wondering, “If iPage is offering such a low rate, they may have compromised the service. It’s possible that their overall service sucks although they can provide the lowest rate possible in the industry.” Let’s face it, we have the tendency to have negative prejudice when we see something that seems ‘too-good-to-be-true’ but through the customer support, iPage wants to prove it wrong. Their customer support may not be super impressive but they do have a pretty decent, even good, customer support. First of all, they provide support via different channels, such as live chat, email, and also phone.

Don’t expect super fast response because there will be a few minutes delay. But once the company’s representative is able to get connected to you, they can provide friendly and helpful assistance. Most users who have consulted the support claim that the representative is able to answer their questions thoroughly with detailed explanations. In the end, the outcome is quite satisfying. The customer support does provide a big help and helpful guidance for those who encounter problems or are confused about the operation.

Improved Security Perimeter and Features

When you want to choose a service, especially in the web host service industry, you want to make sure that it is protected and safe. After all, what’s the point of having a super stylish site with he most advanced features if it is prone to break and hack? If you are looking for a company that is able to deliver quite promising security protection, you have come to the right place.

iPage web hosting has the so-called SiteLock suite, which will act as the frontline protector for the website. SiteLock can prevent any security breach or hacking attempt with their technology. They will detect and scan any malware problem through regular checking and inspection. The program can also remove and delete the malware, but it depends on the package you choose. In some packages, they can only detect and you need to do the removal manually, while in other packages, they can remove and delete the problem instantly and automatically.

Aside from the regular cleaning and checking, they have a firewall so they can prevent any security problem and leak. After all, if you are still running a website with outdated and old plugins, you have made yourself an easy target. This is the thing that iPage is trying to prevent. With as low as $2 a month, you can also enjoy the daily backup. If you are looking at other companies, they would likely charge you extra for this kind of feature. So, consulting the company isn’t bad after all, is it?

Green Service

Not many web host service companies are running on clean energy, so the fact that iPage is one of the green company is definitely a positive additional point. Green company means that they are running with the clean and natural energy. For now, iPage web servers and data centers are running with the wind energy. Isn’t it pretty cool? The company has made an important step in taking care of Mother Earth by buying REC (Renewable Energy Certificates) so they can improve their energy use up to 200%. They can also reduce the carbon emission or footprint to save the planet. It is no wonder if the company is certified and considered as the green site because of their efforts in preserving the nature.

Other Benefits to Consider

Those detailed benefits aren’t the only thing you can enjoy from iPage because there are still many great coverage and features to like. For a starter, the company enables support for third party apps and they make it super simple to use. If you want to connect your site to the eCommerce sites, you may need other apps that can help you with the transaction or the payment method. That’s why it is easy to integrate iPage with PayPal, Google Apps, Yahoo, Google AdWords, and others.

Of course, there are still more to expect from this company, such as:

  • Honest and upfront price. Unlike other companies that may appear cheap at first but it turns out that you will be spending more because of the long term contract, iPage is definitely different. The upfront price is stated from the beginning and users can choose between the long term contract and the short one. And the price scheme won’t be different. But keep in mind that the price will be different after you renew it. If the starter package costs you ‘only’ $2 per month, be ready to pay around $12 a month after the renewal.
  • Money back guarantee. The company is offering the standard 30 days guarantee without any restrictions or weird conditions. If you consult other providers, they may apply 30 days or even 45 days of money back guarantee but with specific terms and conditions, such as if you pay with money transfer, you can’t get the refund. It won’t happen with iPage. If you simply don’t find this site to be helpful, then feel free to cancel your subscription.
  • Solid uptime ability. Despite the low price, the uptime ability of iPage web hosting is quite strong and high – up to 99.98%. Based on several studies and tests performed by users, the uptime connection is quite stable and solid. The average lowest one is around 99.87% while the highest one can reach 100%. This is quite an impressive feature, right? The company claims that they have implemented continuous and non-stop uptime monitoring 24/7. By doing this, they know when something is wrong so they can fix it right away and make the site run online again.

The Price and Coverage Service

One of the most important elements in the web host service is the price because you will have to consider your budgets and how much you are willing to spend on the monthly basis. So, what’s the scheme provided by iPage web hosting?

The company provides two different hosting plans, the Shared Hosting and the WordPress Hosting. For the Shared Hosting, they only have one plan, known as the Essential Package. When you first sign up, you will have to pay for $2 a month, but after the renewal, it may cost you around $12 per month. With this package, you can enjoy unlimited domain names, bandwidth, storage, and also MySQL database. You can also enjoy the integrated features, apps, and also website builders, such as Wix.

For the WordPress Hosting, they come up with two different packages

  • WP Starter which will cost you around $4 a month. You can enjoy preinstalled crucial plugins, different handpicked themes, and also a custom control panel.
  • WP Essential which will cost you around $7 a month. You can find and enjoy all the features provided in the Starter package. And you can enjoy the additional solid infrastructure with SSD-base to improve performance and also speed. This is the premium package because you can enjoy the unlimited malware protection as well as the unlimited disk space. If you are looking for a site that manages to accommodate visitors up to millions, then you have come to the right place.

Some of the Downsides

Despite the low price and the fairly good performance, this company isn’t perfect. After all, nothing is really perfect in this world, so you shouldn’t have too much hope and positive expectations only from the company. For a starter, despite the strong uptime, they are lacking in the loading time. This seems like contradictory because we are talking about two important elements in the web host industry. What’s the point of having strong uptime if the loading time is poor, or vice versa? The standard average loading time is around 890ms whereas the iPage’s time is 868ms. See how it feels disappointing?

Moreover, for a strong company like iPage, it would be weird if you can’t use cPanel on their system. Yes, they don’t provide the cPanel although they provide the alternative, known as the vDeck. Some people may find this annoying, especially since cPanel is more up-to-date and user friendly compared to vDeck. And if you think that you can get a truly unlimited host service, you may want to check the User Agreement section. The term unlimited applies when you don’t exceed the numbers of allocated CPU resources for your account. If you exceed it, iPage has every right to suspend the account.

In an overall retrospect, there are some positive aspects of this service as well as the possible downsides. Again, nothing is perfect. All you need to do is to consider your options, needs, and wants so you can make a wise decision and option. Think about the good and bad of iPage web hosting and you should be able to make a wiser decision.