The Best Web Hosting Service for 2018

Nowadays, the modern era demands people to get active in the online world. Internet becomes a crucial part of our life. In every aspect of life, we often use the internet to support our daily activities. Almost all stores own its online website as a place for promoting their store in the online world. No wonder that the need of web hosting service is needed widely in the world.

What is web hosting actually? You have to know what is meant by web hosting if you want to get the best web hosting for your website. There is a best web hosting service for 2018 that you can find through the internet. The search on the best web hosting service becomes an important topic since you have to know which company that can provide you with the best service.

Before jumping to the best website hosting service for 2018, let’s take a look too brief explanation of web hosting and its types.

The Definition of Web Hosting

Web hosting can be described as a kind of service that provides individual or company to post into a website on the internet. The web hosting provider is a business that serves the services for the website to view on the internet. The website is stored on the server. All you have to do is typing the website address if you want to check the updates your website on the internet.

You can log in by using the username and password given by the web hosting provider. Other people can view your website by typing your website address on their internet browser. The computer will connect to the server and deliver the website through the browser.

Types of Web Hosting

There are many types of web hosting services. Some common web hosting services are shared web hosting service, reseller web hosting, dedicated hosting service, virtual dedicated server, collocation web hosting service, managed hosting service, clustered hosting, cloud hosting, home server and grid hosting.

The Best Web Hosting Service for 2018

After knowing the definition of web hosting and its type, let’s move to the best web hosting service for 2018. In order to get the best web hosting for your website, you have to check the service they provided and the price. Some best web hosting service 2018 are:

  1. Bluehost

Bluehost Company is a web hosting company that currently has hosted for more than two million websites and blogs. The Bluehost is founded by Danny Ashworth and Matt Heaton in Provo, Utah in 1996. There are many pros that you can get from this web hosting company. They are strong uptime, fast page loading, low price, and good security features. You also can get many integrations, e-commerce features, and applications for your web hosting. In simple summary, the performance of Bluehost can be seen as follow:

  • Loading Time: 452ms
  • Cost: $2.75/mo
  • Support: Live Chat
  • Uptime: 99.99%

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  1. Hostinger

This web hosting Service Company was established in November 2004. The Hostinger has more than 29 million clients from 178 countries around the world so far. Some advantages offered by the Hostinger are good uptime, fast loading time, money guarantee, many customer support selections, easy to operate, free domain, free website builder and unlimited features of premium and business plans.

The uptime takes an important role in getting the best website hosting. It shows you the total time of the website is up and running smoothly without interrupted by any problems. In brief summary, The Hostinger information will show you like things below:

  • Loading Time: 385ms
  • Cost: $0,80/mo
  • Support: Live Chat
  • Uptime: 99.87%

  1. HostGator Cloud

HostGator Cloud is founded in 2002 and has hosted for more than 600,000 websites. This cloud hosting promised to give 2.5 times faster loading time to their customers. The advantages that you can get from HostGastor Cloud are very good uptime, fastest loading time affordable price and user in a friendly way. You can get a lot of extras which include free migrations, daily backups, automatic malware removal, WP Pro Developer Assistance, and large storages. In brief, the summary as follows:

  • Loading Time: 419ms
  • Cost: $2,99/mo
  • Support: Live Chat
  • Uptime: 99.97%

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  1. SiteGround

This SiteGround is recommended by It is established in 20014. It hosts 800,000 websites around the world. The advantages you can get from SiteGround are high uptime, consistent in giving fast loading time, responsive support, high performance in WordPress hosting, free security, free CDN, free SSL certificate and free transfer. The summary is below:

  • Loading Time: 714ms
  • Cost: $3, 95/mo
  • Support: Live Chat
  • Uptime: 99.99%

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  1. iPage

iPage Hosting is an EIG brand which is established in 2010. It founded by Thomas Gorny. EIG has some best website hosting names, such as Bluehost, FatCow, HostMonster, PowWeb, EasyCGI, Dot5Hosting, VPSLink, StartLogic, Just Host, and more. It owns six web serving location in the United States. The pros offered by the iPage are an affordable price, good customer support, enhanced security system, EPA Green Power Partner, and good uptime. The summary of iPage performance can see as follow:

  • Loading Time: 821ms
  • Cost: $1,99/mo
  • Support: Live Chat
  • Uptime: 99.

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  1. DreamHost

It can be said that DreamHost is one of the best web hosting among many web hosts. It has 400,000 customers and hosts for 1.5 million sites in the world. DreamHost was founded by a couple of undergrad college students in California in 1996. The DreamHost won the Best Web Hosting Service award twice in a row. The most shocking fact about DreamHost is the 100% guarantee of uptime otherwise you will get a refund.

DreamHost has many flaws that can make you experience a new thing in web hosting service. They are faster loading time than the other competitors, knowledgeable, good customer support, great uptime, great price, new plan options, unlimited bandwidth and carbon neutral.

  • Loading Time: 710ms
  • Cost: $2,59/mo
  • Support: Live Chat
  • Uptime: 99.95%

That is the lists of some best web hosting service for 2018. This information can help you to gain good research to find the best website hosting that can use for your website project.